The objective of our company goes far beyond a “transwordation” and instead aims to produce an accurate and reliable rendering of the original with as much of its thought, mood and feeling transferred to the readers’ mind as his language allows. 

To achieve this, our project managers cultivate strong language partnerships and nurture our linguists’ communication skills. Proactive communication, encouragement, and an atmosphere of mutual respect, keeps language-team bonds alive and produces words that people enjoy reading.

Sometimes the same language needs localisation for its deployment in different countries or communities. For example the British may balk to read of diapers and napkins, preferring their more familiar nappies and serviettes. In Bangladesh, the Bengali may enjoy getting his protein from beef-steak, while his equally Bengali neighbours in West Bengal will find that quite offensive when protein is available aplenty in fish and dairy products. To avoid these “hidden rocks,” allow Simpson Soft to steer you on a smooth passage through the waters of the worlds’ differing languages and cultures.

Specialised Localisation: Some projects require more than linguistic changes for the content to be practical or even understandable to the target community. Simpson Soft offer specialised localisation services for all translation disciplines be they, medical, nutritional, recreational, or otherwise. Our regular translators will likely alert you to the need for this and if so, please do not hesitate to contact us for more specific information.



Without localisation your communication may not have the desired impact, worse still, even an adverse impact on your colleagues and customers speaking the target language.

Organisations around the world who desire a global impact are tailoring their material to have an impact locally in all the communities they plan to reach. Hence it is crucial for you think globally but act locally. This is where Simpson Soft has a distinct advantage in helping you communicate your thoughts to the world in a way that makes it acceptable and appealing to all. Our linguists are natives who have lived among the very people you wish to reach and have a unique insight into the language and culture of their community.