SS Workshop 2018 - Improving Productivity, Skill and Service

An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
— Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric

Simpson Soft firmly believes that continuous learning and development is vital for growth. Our team members, our resources and management work tirelessly on developing their skills and improving our processes. In keeping with this, our workshop this year was focused on improving productivity and process refinement. We will look at some highlights, but first, here are some expressions from our team.


A Review and Future Goals

The workshop was held in Pune, India from the 9th of August to the 15th of August 2018. It was a great opportunity for our teams to come together and learn from the management and each other.

Kickstarting a week of talks and workshops, our directors discussed what the company has been working on in recent months and presented a review of what was done the previous year. An interactive session of what we accomplished and what we could do better, helped each team member assess their performance and chart out goals for the coming months. Trends in the translation industry and ways in which we could capitalize them were also discussed. Concerns on how to handle the new GDPR rules were raised and guidelines to ensure compliance were set out.


ISO 17100:2015

A central theme of the entire workshop was the ISO 17100:2015. This standard specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. You can read more details here: ISO 17100:2015

Through years of dedication to quality and service, Simpson Soft has refined its processes to meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 17100:2015 standards. The importance of strict compliance with this standard and the requirements set out by it was discussed in detail by our Project Director. Our admin team discussed the stringent measures that go into resource identification and allocation. A discussion with the team on areas where caution was required and how to deal with them reaffirmed the team’s dedication to provide clients with high quality translation services.   


New Technologies and Strategies

technology translation services.jpg

In the spirit of continuous development, Simpson Soft has streamlined their processes with the help of a new and robust Translation Management System. Our technical team presented the features of the new system and explained its workings in detail. Our accounts team walked us through the work flow for raising purchase orders and invoices. With all our data migrated to the new system, the training helped the team acquaint themselves with it thoroughly. The team began using the system with immediate effect guided by our technical experts.

Recognizing the importance of going “digital first” in all things, Simpson Soft has finetuned its marketing strategies to include digital marketing with a dedication to providing valuable and relevant content to its clients, resources and the translation community. A workshop on employee advocacy and digital marketing was conducted by our Head of Marketing. The efforts being carried out by the Marketing department and ways in which the entire SS team could pitch in was discussed with an outstanding show of support from the team.

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Experts Speak

Guest speakers with decades of experience in personality development and life skills training conducted stimulating workshops customized to the SS team. Here are some of the things we learned:

  • Maintaining a healthy Work-Life balance   

  • Cultivating the habits of success

  • Drawing healthy boundaries between work and personal life

  • Avoiding the sense of entitlement

  • The importance of accountability

The workshop helped us reassess our habits and attitudes and bring it in line with the values of dedication, honesty and continuous development.

Improving Productivity and Skill

An absorbing workshop by our Managing Director entitled “We Are in The Language Business!” had us roaring with laughter at the gaffes and blunders that could creep in into the language business. At the same time, we were alerted to the serious consequences that such mistakes could have on our reputation as a language provider. The importance of refining our communication skills was emphasized with an enlightening presentation on how we could practically implement this in our communication with clients and resources.

Next, came a series of workshops from our team members on being conscientious workers and improving productivity. Coming from the actual workers themselves, this workshop was an interesting insight into how they practice being methodical, working smarter and increasing efficiency in processes and work habits. It was a great opportunity to learn from each other.

The Simpson Soft Business Development team recently attended a Shipley workshop on Writing Winning Proposals. They were trained on a professional certification programme for bid and proposal managers, run by Shipley Associates. The team shared some highlights of the workshop and a few pointers that were relevant to the Sales managers.


Team Building


It wasn't all work and no play either! The Simpson Soft Team had a great time enjoying each other’s company, exploring the city with team outings to local haunts, tasting the local cuisine and unwinding at the end of each day as we caught up on each other’s lives. It brought us closer as a team and helped us realign our goals and work habits.

Let’s end with a few words from some of our team members:

The workshop has helped me personally to be more conscious about being trustworthy and learn useful skills required to perform my tasks well. I have started implementing pointers like posting adverts on various platforms making our presence visible in the Translation industry. I have also seen that the quality of work and productivity has improved when properly dressed for work. I thoroughly enjoyed the formal and informal team bonding sessions as well.     
— M.R, Admin
Following some of the suggestions that I learned in the workshop has increased my confidence and has helped me do things in a more organised way. The presentations on Saturday were very interesting, especially the one on how to balance work and life. The new TMS tool was very exciting. And talking face-to-face with my friends was most enjoyable.
— V.V, Project Manager
The workshop has helped me in organising and prioritising each day’s work greatly reducing the stress of multi-tasking. The session “We are in the Language Business!” helped me identify areas where I need to improve in writing a professional email. Presentations by the guest speakers highlighting the need to work more than what we are paid for and to avoid a sense of entitlement helped groom my thinking to be more professional. I am also excited about the features of the TMS tool and enjoy working on it. The workshop was great for Team building as we enjoyed chatting with colleagues about things other than work helping us understand each other better.
— A.S, Project Manager
The key takeaways for me were:
-          Make habits work for you
-          Grow in your role
-          Master your trade and skillset
The workshop was held as simple, practical sessions in a conducive atmosphere and it has helped grow professionally as I feel more productive and have learned to set healthy boundaries.
— U.K, Sales Manager
This year’s Workshop has certainly boosted our team spirit. The key takeaway which I learned is to exceed client’s expectations. The basic foundation to exceed client’s expectations is to pay attention to details and treat even a small project with equal importance. Some of the pointers which I have learned are to complete the projects ahead of time. I have also started making small sustainable goals. As I am implementing the above pointers, I have found my job more satisfactory and to be more professional. I have personally enjoyed the association of all my colleagues at the workshop. The workshop has helped me to grow professionally as I have learned to respond to the client’s request or internal queries in short intervals.
— P.R – Project Manager