Legal translation could well be the field where the translated word matters the most. Simpson Soft’s legal translation teams are all masters of the word game in their respective languages. Legal team members have a thorough knowledge of the legal system and judicial process in their home country and are backed up by our international specialists in copyright, civil, criminal, immigration, property, tax, insurance and other branches of law. We can provide accurate interpretations that are unambiguous, highly detailed and unbiased.

Our rigorous review and editing cycles ensure that the exacting requirements for legal copy are maintained throughout our translation process. We assure the highest standards of confidentiality. Non-disclosure agreements can be provided from all those involved at every stage of a sensitive project.

Deadlines are always honoured and time sensitive material is prioritised to ensure precision fast-tracking through the necessary review and editing cycles. 

We also have expert court translators and interpreters, over the phone interpreters for meetings plus speciality in due diligence, all for both in-house and Private Practice. 

Expert Legal Opinions: When required, we arrange for translated materials to be reviewed by a senior barrister, advocate or attorney, practising in the target language and can provide any necessary endorsement of the final documents.