At Simpson Soft we offer a complete solution for multi-language DTP - Print Ready, delivering the translated text exactly in the format you want it. This is a critical element in any translation project. Our desktop publishing teams specialise in providing you print ready documents in any file format.

Working on a variety of platforms we are able to offer page composition or formatting services for all languages. This includes all left to right (LTR) languages in all character sets (such as Cyrillic, Roman and Amharic), right to left (RTL) languages in all character sets (such as Arabic, Hebrew and Sindhi), descending languages in all character sets (such as Tibetan, Dzongkha and Urdu Nastaliq) and even languages like Thai without word space or dividers. 

Asian languages and other non-roman font sets pose a challenge for many service providers due to the lack of consistency in font character assignments and varieties of language software. At Simpson Soft, our software support team has over 25 years of experience in this field and has been able to overcome long-standing problems as well as swiftly deal with new ones that arise.

Leave your language worries with us. Our end-to-end process blends project management, translation, proofreading, back translation and DTP skills to deliver the reliability you need to stay focused on your clients. We can deliver print-ready files in all target languages that are visually and textually consistent with your original source documents.