Today, Pharmaceutical Companies and Clinical Research Organisations (CRO’s) need to correspond with participants and specialists in hundreds of locations around the globe. A clear translation of the numerous documents and publications is vital for such communication. Simpson Soft understands the importance of accurate translation of medical terms and procedures, while at the same time ensuring that these can be comprehended by the average participant. We take into account not only the rigorous requirements of trial host-country regulations, but work tirelessly to make the communications and instruction culturally acceptable.

Our specialised linguists are ready and willing to offer valuable feedback on the impact of the source text, and suggestions to help your communication be more effectively understood by participants without lengthy explanations by trial-staff.

Expert Review Services: Other highly trained professionals can offer analysis and reports on trial data or interviews generated in local languages and render these into English for company review. Please note that either American or British English can be used according to your preference.


For ALL Five Continents

Simpson Soft can be your one stop language partner for the world. This will help you reduce your costs while maximising your global presence. Contact us now to access our global network of trained and specialised linguists in all five continents.

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