What our clients say:

Thanks for arranging all our recent translation needs. These are very important for us and we are happy that you are working for us on this project.
— M.P., Project Manager
Thanks, we truly appreciate your prompt response. We do appreciate your responsiveness and hard work.
— Manager, Translation Services
Thank you so much for getting back to me and thank you for working so hard to get these files delivered. Thank you so much for all your help. You guys rock!
— Project Coordinator, Translation Services
During (the) project Simpson Soft Services was asked to provide a specific LQA service: a complete review. This type of review is not really a standard for an extended language set as it requires a good technical infrastructure. We had a lack of resources for linguistic review on two languages and Simpson Soft was able to react quickly and provide a solution for one of the languages.

[The project] activities were managed by Simpson Soft and their response was very quick - communication with them was very straightforward, clear and effective. Review was provided in the agreed time frame with good quality level. Training was very fast and smooth. There was a little misunderstanding regarding logging the comments on Client products, but these were resolved by Simpson Soft promptly. We had a very good impression by seeing a proficiency in communication and a good reaction while solving the issues that occurred. Thank you for your good work!
— M.P., Project Manager
I have always been very satisfied with your work and so is our client.
— B.V., Project Manager
The job you provide is, as I already told you, almost perfect…Once again the translation is very good. Thank you for the perfect layout.
— Y.B., Proprietor
Thank you so much...You did a great job! We will surely work again together. This is perfect! Good work.
— R.C., Proprietor
You guys are awesome. You have sent my day spinning in the right direction!
— Project Support Specialist